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I believe we are all a product of the tools we use and how we use them. As a bit of a tech nerd, I like having digital tools to help to stay on task, track my day and keep engaged. This page will be an always up to date walk-through of what I’m using and how I’m using it. [Last updated: 11/12/20]


iPhone X

I’ll be honest, it has been almost ten years since I used an android phone as a daily driver and I really don’t miss it. I’m sure many of the issues with android that I didn’t like have been fixed since I last really used it. But the seamless integration between the Apple ecosystem is such a pleasant experience, I don’t find myself wanting to jump back to android anytime soon.

As long as I give it a full charge overnight, it usually lasts my whole day. For a phone that is 3 years old and only has 79% of its maximum battery capacity, that’s pretty good.

I do find the X to be a bit too large to comfortably hold at night while endless scrolling (though perhaps I should use that as motivation to stop that habit). I think the iPhone 5s was a wonderful size. I know a few other models have come out since the X that are a comprise between the two sizes. But with COVID its been tough to go and hold the difference form factors and compare. I will likely be trying the new iPhone 12 line and see if its worth making the jump sometime in the next few months.


MOAB from Lander

This case is a pretty simple design and yet feels solid. I’ve had a number of phone cases over the years and most either the rubber wears out and gets gross or the plastic feels cheap and cracks. So far this case has held up to my constant abuse.

Screen Protector

I’ve tried so many over the years. There are so many options and frankly other then differences between normal and privacy glass, they all seem to operate the same. If someone has a screen protector that they swear is the best ever, feel free to drop my a comment and maybe I’ll try it out.


Apple Watch SE

I have been a big fan of Fitbit for the last few years and have worn 3 different models. The latest one I wore was the Verse Lite. I used it to boost my motivation in terms of getting steps and even subscribed to Fitbit Premium during the first wave of COVID to try and provide some extra motivation to keep moving.

Ultimately I found myself wishing I had some additional functionality and began looking at the Apple Watches again. I previous had a Gen 0 Apple watch, paid for the larger screen and upgraded metal… and wore it almost never. Nonetheless, I decided to give it another shot. For roughly the last month I’ve been rocking the Apple Watch SE. I spent some time looking at the 6, but for $150 difference, all I really got was the always on screen (a feature I don’t care for much) and some additional heart health metrics.

I may post a full review at a later date once I spend a bit more time with it. But the watch is fairly snappy and the text dictation feature for messaging has been a nice improvement over the Fitbit (though the accuracy of the messaging has some opportunities for improvement).


15″ Macbook Pro (2018)

Full disclosure: This is a work issued laptop…

I enjoy the Apple ecosystem. The native integration with my other apple devices is nice. My watch unlocks my computer. My messages are synced between devices. I end up spending the majority of my work day remoted into a Windows machine that lives in Azure. But the user experience on a mac is just nice. Even Windows application (Outlook, OneNote, etc) are nicer on a Mac than a PC.

I do have a handful of other laptops for specific projects and personal use. Most are various models of Dell laptops that I don’t treat as nicely as I should. I also have a PC that I built for gaming watching youtube and web browsing. Some day it may get to stretch its wings.


Powerbeats 3

“Why not AirPods?!”, I know I know, with everything else making it look like I’m an Apple fanboy, it may be surprising to hear I don’t have AirPods (though the powerbeats3 are still very much and Apple product). I’m afraid I’ll lose them. I’ve always had an issue with in-ear earbuds. The Powerbeats 3 have the over ear clips that help keep them on my head. They are also tethered unlike the more expensive truly wireless models. I see this as a benefit, again, I’m afraid of losing them. Battery life has never been an issue. I charge them every few days and they always have plenty of juice when I need them. The fit for my ears isn’t perfect, but I really haven’t found earbud that I love that meet that do this well yet.


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