2021 Goals

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but its already April?! Eh, that’s okay, I had a list of goals in the beginning of the year but many are no longer relevant or lacked a real plan behind implementing them. There is no better time then the present to really hash out what I want to accomplish this year and why. Full […]

AirPods Pro: I Caved

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I’ve been holding out on the AirPods for a long time. For earbuds, I had been using Powerbeats 3 which will wireless, had a tether between the two sides. I viewed this as a positive as I generally find that earbuds don’t like to stay in my ears. It also made it easier to take […]

My Technology Stack

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I believe we are all a product of the tools we use and how we use them. As a bit of a tech nerd, I like having digital tools to help to stay on task, track my day and keep engaged. This page will be an always up to date walk-through of what I’m using […]

My Origin Story

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Or at least the start of my career in IT… I was fortunate and had a job offer lined up. My college was big on internships. I don’t blame them, it was a great way to start in your field and get some experience. Figure out what you like and perhaps even more important, what […]