AirPods Pro: I Caved

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I’ve been holding out on the AirPods for a long time. For earbuds, I had been using Powerbeats 3 which will wireless, had a tether between the two sides. I viewed this as a positive as I generally find that earbuds don’t like to stay in my ears. It also made it easier to take one out and clip it on my collar if I needed to listen to the world around me a bit more. The idea that I would be relying on friction to hold in $125/ear scared me, and frankly it still does. But credit where credit is due, the AirPods stay in… most of the time.

The flexible silicone tips are no longer the traditional circular design from similar products, instead they are ovals that better fit my ears and so far I’ve only had one drop out (I was bending over to get stuff out of my car). I’m still terrified of losing one or dropping it in a puddle. But having a charging case that I can quickly throw them back into to keep them together helps put my mind at ease a bit.

The case is a great fidget device. The cover to the case has a magnet and the hinge holds it open, I often find myself just opening and closing it. The case and Airpods show their battery status on my phone in a way that really only Apple does. It just all feels like a unified cohesive ecosystem where all the devices work together seamlessly. Noise cancellation and audio transparency can be toggled from the Airpods or from my phone.

The only drawbacks are battery life (4.5 hours), though 5 minutes in the charging case gets you another hour of listening time and you can charge them multiple times in the case, and price. I did buy these as refurbished which helped lessen that blow by almost $100.


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