So who am I? My name is Michael Lopez. I wear many different hats as you will see by reading this blog. I am a Programmer Analyst at a company in the retail sector. I also am heavily involved as a first responder in my community as a FF/EMT. This is my latest attempt to get my thoughts out there and to document what I’m working on.

I should put a disclaimer out there right now: I am not an engineer, lawyer, expert, etc in any of the topics I’ll be posting about. Additionally, the views and opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect those of my employers, organizations, or institution that I may or may not be associated with either in a professional or personal capacity. All code, research, scripts, instructions, projects, etc. are posted as-is for informational purposes. I accept no responsibility for any damages that may be incurred from replicating anything found on here. Please consult your own doctor/lawyer/engineer/accountant/etc as I am none of the aforementioned positions.

With that, enjoy!

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